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Best Games For iOS 2018

Posted on January 9, 2018  in iOS Games, Mobile Gaming

The Apple iOS operating system has been with us for a decade now since the original iPhone was launched. Today iOS is used on approximately 1 billion devices, across iPhone, iPad and older iPod devices. With so many devices using the platform it would be silly to ignore the games available on the operating system, so in this blog, we’ll look at the best iOS games for 2018.


Best iOS Action Game – Super Mario Run

Nintendo took its time releasing anything in the iOS format, but I don’t grudge them talking their time when they’ve produced such a good game. The game is actually three different games in one. The first is a running platformer in the style of the old NES and SNES Mario games with 24 levels. The second is a multiplayer mode where you try to beat others high score. The last mode is a world-building mode where you can design the mushroom kingdom in the way you want. Hours of fun and addictive as hard drugs, this is a belter.


Best iOS Racing Game – Asphalt Extreme

The Asphalt series of games have been hugely popular over the years on iOS and this is the latest version. This incarnation isn’t really road based as it covers rally driving stages that take in canyons and other off-road terrains. With a large selection of vehicles, five game modes, hundreds of tracks and an eight-player multiplayer mode this game is well worth playing and it’s free!


Best iOS Sports Game – Football Manager Touch 2018

Football Manager is widely regarded as the best sports management game that has ever existed and it has made its way to iOS in two forms the touch version and the mobile version. Having two versions available for iOS is slightly confusing, but when you release the difference in game features and price you’ll understand the difference. Touch is £21.99 and Mobile is £8.99. Touch is more like the full-blown game, but it misses out media obligations and pre-match build-up. It plays like an older version of the full game. Mobile has similar features, but is less in-depth, meaning you can fly through seasons quicker. If you prefer more in-depth tactics and gameplay, then Football Manage Touch is the game for you.


Best iOS Strategy Game – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

The Civilization games have many fans and all budding little Hitlers love an imperial strategy game. This latest version is available on iPad only, but I had to put this in. Take control of your Civilization from tribal beginnings and build cities while developing your science and diplomatic networks. Win the game by trade or military dominance. It’s a bit pricey at £54.99, but if you love the Civ games you’ll pay the premium to get this. It’s that good.

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